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Starbucks Interactive Cup™ Brewer

We’ve recently introduced the Starbucks Interactive Cup™ Brewer – a high-performance coffee maker, with all the bells and whistles. Its grind the beans and brews them fresh by the cup, with no mess and no waste to speak of. Add it to your current brewing system or make it the sole coffee machine of the break room. Starbucks We Proudly Brew branded paper products makes a powerful brand statement that will impress your clients. Extremely easy to use and maintain. Dimensions: 42"H x 17.5"W x 23.5"D

Lone Star Coffee offers the ultimate in coffee brewers in a variety of styles and models to meet our customer's needs. A Lone Star Sales Representative will gladly demostrate any of our brewer for you and your office. Call (866) 832-7901 for your FREE NO OBLIGATION DEMONSTRATION!

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